The event recorder is a standard tool integrated in Business Central that improves the ability of developers to use events and let us know where can we place our logic within the application.

In this post I will show how the event recorder works and a tip for using it.

To open the tool search for ‘Event recorder’.

At this point we can just start recording.

Without closing the page (will stop recording) perform the logic you wish to capture and then come back to the page and stop the recording.

A message with the numbers of events will be displayed. Then, we will see the list of events triggered and all the information available about it. With the option ‘Get AL Snippet’ we can see the exact event subscriber to use in Visual Studio Code.

This is the easy part, now you need to find the correct event for your algorithm.

Tip: Keep it simple

When using this tool duplicate the browser. Open the recorder in one and then perform the logic in the other. Also try to record one event at a time. This way the list of events will be short and it will be easier to identify what you are looking for.

Tip For The Event Recorder Of Business Central

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